Principal Message

Ms. R.Buvana, Principal

"Our task is not to put greatness back into students, but to elicit it, for greatness is there already."

The GEM is a unique and exclusive school that prides itself on focusing on the individual needs of each and every one of our students. We offer the highest standards of education in order to assist our students to achieve their personal goals and maximize their own potential.

Our balanced curriculum offers our students the opportunity to take exceptional academic courses, combined with a wide range of cultural, social and sporting Co- curricular activities. We believe in offering broad-based learning opportunities to develop the whole student, as well as concentrating on their academic achievements.

The aim of the school is to provide the best of what modern-western education has to offer and integrate it with the basic values of our ancient cultural heritage. Our goal is to develop the child's all round personality which enables him to become an individual capable of responding to life's challenges guided by the right values in his choice & decisions.

The classroom is the safe haven where the child enters to mould his/her future. It has to be a welcoming, comfortable and 'fun' place where the child would long to go …… and 'hate' to stay away from. The most effective classroom management according to me is to keep the pupil involved in the classroom activity at all times through multiple activities and tasks. An idle mind is indeed the devil's workshop. A mind without stimulation will look towards distraction which will lead to indiscipline. If we do not let the learner get bored, the class would be a fun learning centre for all involved.

Student discipline is nothing but mutual respect between a student and a teacher. If that can be established, there can never be an issue about student discipline.

In today's modern era both the parents are busy running the rat race of accumulating wealth and gadgets for their children. Somewhere this race leads to creating a feeling of lack of parental love, care and acceptance in a child's life. This vacuum is filled in bits and bits by short foreign trips, weekend dinners, shopping and buying new gadgets, but to no avail.

Teachers are guiding souls and they have a great mission to make the students self dependent, confident and noble citizens of the nation. A teacher's job is not limited to just completing the syllabus according to the prescribed curriculum but to ignite the minds of the young generation.

'The best way to predict the future is to create it.' said Abraham Lincoln.

These words of Lincoln rightly describe the responsibility all educationists shoulder to shape the future of their students. In an era of ever increasing benchmarks of curricular and co-curricular excellence, every educationist and parent feels the need to motivate students to supersede themselves.