Mr. Kamal Midha


“Give the world the best you have………….. and the best will come back to you”
Our souls are clear and calm. Our souls are capable of producing good karmas only. The problem starts when we pollute our souls with materialistic outlook. Conflict between good and bad always exists. There may be many sources of happiness in this world but the ultimate source is only “truth”. When we give priority to the “truth” we are always graced with humility and respect.
The experience of my father Late Sh. H.S. Midha has taught us that inculcating moral values in today’s generation is the need of the hour. Only education can build strong minds which can move ahead in the right direction to conquer all vices. We at Gem Public Senior Secondary School will continue to work hard to nurture every child according to his talent and capability. In a world full of competition, we are committed to provide productive human beings to the society, who are morally strong.
Pledging a complete dedication and honour to the school’s motto “Learn, Spread Light”, we commit ourselves to achieve new heights.
We will always remember………………… “God’s wonderful reflections come in the guise of children”

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