Announcement ADMISSION OPEN (SESSION 2024-25)- PLAYWAY(1.9 YRS+) TO CLASS- IX,XI. Admission Helpline no: 9779444901
  • SCHOOL NO. 20415



Everything is Theoretically Impossible, until it is Done.

The playful minds can do wonders when encouraged & guided.

Hands on Experience of Theoretical Concepts help the learners to form their own ideas and make them workable in the real world. Science labs foster Curiosity, Develop Thinking skills, encourage creativity.

Mathematics Lab

To generate interest in students.

Mathematical activities are carried out under the guidance of teacher. Gemenites explore mathematical facts & Theorems through a variety of activities.

Chemistry Lab

It is an ideal opportunity to practice what is taught in the classroom. Gemenites show great interest & enthusiasm in using chemicals & perform hands on experiments.

Biology Lab

Practical activities performed in Bio Lab enable Gemenites to apply & extend their Knowledge & understanding of biology, which can aid learning & stimulate interest.

Physics Lab

It helps Gemenites in improvising their approach. Physics is a vast Subject and at school level, a student is taught fundamentals.

The use of magnets, pulleys, Pendulums, glasses, voltameter etc. help the Gemenites to Learn Theory in a more elaborative manner with involvement of its application.

Computer Lab

It Offers a space and time to develop skills.

Basic Computer Education is the root of success in many fields nowadays. We have a Computer Lab in Gem to offer a space for Gemenities where they explore, create, connect and build Digital Literacy. Our Computer Lab supplements the Classroom Learning. Group Projects are conducted.

English Language Lab

The Language Lab is a very useful tool for practicing & evaluating the speaking and Listening skills. ASL activities are conducted In English Lang Lab. Gemenites are guided individually In Language Labs by giving them a fully immersive experience.

S.ST. Lab

Lab provides qualitative approach with descriptive methods. This Lab offers a real life environment to conduct Social experiments. The Lab breaks monotony in teaching Learning. We display Models and Samples of different types of rocks and minerals, Solar System, Model globes, physical features of India, Volcanic eruption Models, Political and Cultural maps of the world, Projects and Models on Mughal empire, Harappan civilization etc.