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  • SCHOOL NO. 20415

The entire school community is divided into four houses. The House system aims to give an identity and a sense of pride in a supportive and secure environment. It also encourages competition and promotes achievements of the students in a positive manner. The names of the houses of our school are Ajit, Jujhar, Zorawar and Fateh. These names are well known in the history as "Char Sahibzade", the four sons of tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Ajit House(Red) : This house colour depicts the energy, enthusiasm and confidence.

Jujhar House (Green) : This house colour depicts the prosperity, growth and abundance.

Zorawar House (Yellow) : This house colour depicts the wisdom, warmth and Cheerfulness.

Fateh House (Blue) : This house colour depicts the sincerity, inspiration and honesty.